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Our comprehensive range of data centre and colocation services around the globe

What we do

What We Do


Locations in:

  • North America

  • Netherlands

  • United Kingdom

  • Finland

  • France

Extended network providers in:

  • China

  • South America

  • Middle East


More than 70MVA available to clients.


In flexible increments


2kW to 25kW Racks 


Wholesale capacity is readily available across the 5NINES estate.

Dedicated and wholesale projects available globally

1MVA to 7MVA increments


Enterprise Smart Hands available to carry out in data centre professional services work.

Global On-Dispatch Flexible resources to deliver professional data centre services to 5NINES and client data centres.

Rack & Stack

Structured Cabling

Media Handling

Moves, Adds & Changes

Vendor Escorting

Cable Management

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