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Scalable Data Hall Service

Flex Hall


Wherever you decide to locate your IT Infrastructure, 5NINES will be there to support your business 

Dedicated Data Halls provide a platform for clients that require more than a separate room or caged area, but is looking for a dedicated portion of a data centre building typically with client dedicated power and cooling infrastructures.


With the benefit of being designed precisely to the customer requirement and wholesale pricing, the 5NINES Data Hall Solutions are market leading.


Financially, the Data Hall Service can be secured with or without any client capital investment.


The configuration of any data hall solution will be specified to the clients financial, technical and operational needs, including:

  • Powered Shell

  • Fitted OpEx Capacity

  • 2N Electrical, N+1 Mechanical

  • Centralised BMS

  • Dedicated Security

  • Network operations room

  • Client Reception

  • Client Branding


Shared maintenance and facility management with the worlds leading data centre maintenance provider, helps duplication and reduce the clients ultimate operating cost. 

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