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Secure Cage Service



Wherever you decide to locate your IT Infrastructure, 5NINES will be there to support your business 

Our Flex-Cage solutions offer additional layers of physical security, 5NINES offers enhanced solutions in the form of a private data suite or cages.


Whether the requirement is for PCI-DSS, SOC-I, SOC-II or any other security requirement, 5NINES caged solutions are designed in conjunction with our customers security team to ensure compliance.

The configuration of the caged area can benefit from customer options, including:

  • CCTV

  • Remote Access Control

  • Bio-metric or Card Access

  • Independent cooling

  • Client Branding


Private suites are available and fully customised with options such as diverse, secured entrances, biometric access, independent cooling and branding, a data centre inside a 5NINES data centre. For larger areas we provide wholesale solutions, or if your requirement is not yet at the cage level, we provide racks or half racks from 3kW up to 25kW density

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