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 Our subject matter experts have been responsible or involved at a senior level in the financial planning and management of over 186,000sq.m. of net technical space, which is more than any other development group in Europe

Data Centre Financial Planning Service

5NINES engagement team will assist you to fully understand the financial impact of your data centre strategy, not just the capital cost elements but also Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and look to provide advice for alternative sourcing models, technical design and risk mitigation. Whether outsourced or in-house any change can have a significant financial impact on the data centres TCO, so we are engaged to help eliminate these risks.

Our team monitor and advise, the following:

  • Business needs assessment

  • TCO & targeted cost plan

  • P&L and Operating Model

  • Business plan alignment

  • OPEX vs. CapEx comparison

  • Funding options analysis

  • Procurement strategy

  • Revenue improvement planning

  • Cost reduction planning


Data Centre Delivery Management Service

Our service delivery professionals have worked for end user clients as well as developers and construction firms, and by bringing these skills to your project we can protect the success of the project, even during very difficult periods.


5NINES client relationship executives work with you to define the scope of our project involvement, so you can decide any limitations. At which point we will provide committed costs, timescale and a high level transaction risk assessment in order to ensure the you, our client, receives the best value for money and eliminate the risk of cost and time extensions. Our teams provide expertise in:

  • Design Team Management

  • Supply Chain Selection

  • Templated Programme Management

  • FM Selection Management

  • Local Authority Completion

  • Long Lead Time Plant Planning

  • Client Project Reporting

  • Project Risk Managemnet

  • Commissioning Strategy

  • Integrated Logistics


Every day we are focused on simplifying the development of data centre capacity to ensure our in-house and client dedicated facilities are delivered on time, on budget.



Vendor independent assessment of our clients data centre infrastructure  and  operations

Data Centre Assessment Service

5NINES developed the Data Centre Assessment Service to identify and oversee the realisation of operation and capital cost savings in all business sectors. Historically rationalisation of data centre assets with the associated change and migration requirements has been perceived as too expensive. However, in recent years data centre operating costs have grown disproportionately to most other business expenses as legacy data centres become economically unsustainable. Hence there is the potential to realise significant savings within a very short period of time.


Data Centre Planning Service

5NINES technical infrastructure consultants are data centre development experts who protect 5NINES development interests and have clear remit to ensure that every plan can actually be delivered, not only on time, but with strict financial and governance guidelines. 


5NINES have made these unique skills available to the wider business community, whether for a developer or an end user in order to help bring more projects to successful completion and to mitigate our clients risk and protect their budget


Converting your data centre vision in to reality. 5NINES development planning teams will commence the process with a detailed plan which includes all aspects of the project.



Protecting you from the unknown state of your current or planned data centre we provide a comparison of each facility against these defined standards

Data Centre Tier Review Service

When considering a new build or fit-out our consultants will help by undertaking a delivery risk assessment which is designed to expose any items that could lead to failing a full Uptime Institute accredited site audit, or we could just provide operational management with peace of mind, knowing that your data centre meets your business objectives. 


Whilst no reputable firm would deliberately ignore critical stages of the development cycle, we have found facilities and operators who have failed in some of the most basic quality checks, such as not fully completing the Integrated System Test Certification (IST). However these 'hidden' facts are not necessarily understood in the typical haste to install systems and have been allowed to occur as sites are rushed to market.

We believes that every client should know and understand the potential for these risks and then make informed decisions in full knowledge of the real situation.

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