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Racks On Demand



Wherever you decide to locate your IT Infrastructure, 5NINES will be there to support your business 

5NINES match your requirements from half racks to multiple full racks in our next generation enterprise data centre facilities.


Each rack is configured for your immediate requirements, and designed to grow and adapt to various market conditions. Fully secure, our racks can offer you power up to 25kW per rack from mains power supplied via 2 incoming feeds from the local grid.


With resilient UPS and generator back-up you can be confident that 5NINES will protect and support your immediate and long term power and space requirements.

5NINES supplies various rack configurations, each having A & B power feeds. Each rack comes with flexible pricing plans, such as all inclusive or a net price with additions for metered power and remote hands – it’s your choice. Non-standard sized racks can be accommodated in a pre-arranged allocated space in either shared space or within a private suite.

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